Three tips for amazing “getting ready” photos


My favourite part of a wedding day is the “getting ready” part that happens after I arrive at the brides first location. There are so many beautiful moments as the bride gets ready to walk down the aisle.  During that time, I focus on capturing:  detail shots,  bridal portraits, portraits of family, portraits of the bridesmaids and lots of candid images.  These are all moments that you will cherish as you look back on your wedding day.   The getting ready period can have some of the most beautiful and emotional moments and there are a few ways to ensure that you end up with gorgeous photos.


1.Light is important


When people talk about photography they say that “light is important”, and the getting ready photos are no exception to this rule.  I definitely prefer soft natural light and when I arrive at the brides first location, I always look around for the good light.  A room, with lots of soft window light is the ideal scenario and will help you get flattering and beautiful photos. If that’s not possible, we can consider taking some of the getting ready portraits outdoors.


2.Get rid of the clutter


A wedding day can generate a lot of clutter.  In the morning, there can be: bags, hangers, makeup, food, shoes etc.  scattered all over the room.  These things are essential to prepare for your wedding day, but it’s important to clear all this clutter to get nice images at the beginning of the day.   If possible, it’s a good idea to designate someone who is responsible for clearing the clutter away before the photographer shows up.


3.Be prepared


Before your wedding day, it’s a wise idea to make a list of all the details that you’d like to have photographed.  On the day of your wedding make sure that you have everything that you need with you.  Some examples of things to bring include:  jewelry, shoes, invitation suite, bouquet, special dress hanger, something “old” or something “blue”, etc… There are so many unique elements to your big day that you may wish your photographer to capture.  Once you have your list, you can designate someone to be in charge of the items and gather them in one spot for your photographer to photograph.


I love the getting ready part of the day.  There is so much anticipation and everyone is excited for the events to unfold.   All wedding photographers, including myself, aim to capture beautiful images of your day and the “getting ready” portion is very important.  These three tips, will definitely help your photographer create gorgeous images that you will cherish forever!


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