What to wear for your engagement photos

I love engagement sessions!   Not only are they a great way to get to know my clients before their wedding, they allow the clients to get to know me a lot better as well.  An engagement session definitely helps clients feel more at ease with posing and it’s a surpisingly fun activity for a couple to do together before their big day

Before their photo session, people have often asked me what they should wear… Many couples plan to use these photos on their website, or save the date cards so there’s pressure that the outfits look great in the photos.

In order to give you a hand, I’ve come up with some simple guidelines to help you with choosing your engagement photo outfits.


  • Coordinate your outfits!  The first consideration you should make is that your outfits should coordinate.  Now, this doesn’t mean that you should match exactly, but it looks nice if your outfits complement each other in some way.  One way your outfits should complement each other is in their level of formality… For example, if he’s in a tux, you will probably not be wearing jeans.  Similarly, if she’s in a ballgown, he will likely not be wearing his favourite t shirt.    You should also consider coordinating the colours of your outfits.  It looks great in photos if you consider the colour palette of your outfits and ensure that they look nice together.   I love the way that Kiran and Bryan pulled together the colours and patterns of their outfits to create a cohesive look.  These two look like two peas in a pod!



  • Add Colour and Pattern! Colour and pattern look great in photos so you should definitely consider adding something colourful or patterned even if it’s just an accessory.  I already mentioned how your can coordinate with colour… Well, using a pattern is a great way to find the inspiration for your colours.  Simply choose an article of clothing that has a multicolour pattern and use that as your colour guide for your outfits.   I love the way that Kevin’s shirt brings the colours together of Kathryn’s outfit.    Once again, this is a foolproof way to look cohesive.



  • Add some layers and accessories:    Layers and accessories can add so much variety and interest to your photos.  They can turn a plain outfit into something exceptional.. just like in Myra’s engagement photos.  Myra’s colourful blanket scarf took a plain outfit and made it exciting.  Accessories are also great, because you can add them and subtract them throughout your session for different looks.   They allow you to express your personal style and make the photos look more unique.



The best advice that I can give is to be yourself… Wear something that you love and you feel comfortable in and you are guaranteed to love your photos.

For more inspiration and examples of engagement photo oufits, visit my pinterest board.    You might see something that will inspire you!







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