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- nicole

On your wedding day, I'm always looking for the special moments of joy.  The raw, emotion-filled moments are what I'm after.  

hello + welcome!

A few weeks ago, I met up with a sweet couple, Siobhan and Kevin, to take their engagement portraits at the Scarborough Bluffs.   I had never been to the bluffs, so I was amazed at the dramatic beauty that I saw there.  It was such a unique backdrop, and a great place to take engagement photos.

Siobhan and Kevin met several years ago in a kickboxing class that Siobhan taught.  These two are both into healthy living and trying out different things to stay in shape.  Kevin moved to Canada from Ireland quite a few years ago, however Siobhan is not Irish, despite her very Irish sounding name:)    They are planning their wedding for next year and they are expecting a lot people to come from Ireland.  Kevin has been busy making quite a bit of the decor and it sounds like their wedding will be gorgeous.

I had an amazing time taking photos with these two and we had an adventure trying to get the perfect shot.  We started at the top of the cliffs where there was some pretty backlighting…



Then we ventured closer to the edge of the cliffs, where we got some really cool photos.  I thought they were very brave!


Afterwards, we headed down to the bottom of the cliffs and found a quiet beach to take some more photos…


Wow!  These cliffs were spectacular…



Kevin and Siobhan were a really sweet couple and I had a blast taking their photos at the Bluffs. xo

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