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- nicole

On your wedding day, I'm always looking for the special moments of joy.  The raw, emotion-filled moments are what I'm after.  

hello + welcome!

We just came back from a fun family vacation to beautiful South Carolina.  My family has always loved the laid back charm of South Carolina and we go there quite often.  It seems that we never get tired of it, and there’s always new activities for my family to enjoy.

This time, we went to the Montage resort at Palmetto Bluff.  This resort is located in the South Carolina low country between Hilton Head and Savannah.  It’s a 20,000 acre community with huge nature preserves, walking trails, a gorgeous village, restaurants, and beautiful golf course.

Unfortunately, it was a bit chilly when we got there, but we made the most of it.   When we arrived, I made my boys smile for the camera… This is like torture for them, because I’ve taken so many pictures of them.  They are so over it!


My daughter and I headed to the golf course to hit some balls.  It was quite chilly, so I had to wear my winter coat… FORE!!!



My daughter was hitting the ball well.  She had great follow through and was really enjoying it…



The next day, we all headed to this little area where there was archery practise…My kids got some instruction on how to use the bow and arrow properly.


Here’s me and my husband.  We’re both camera shy, so this was a rare photo op.


After archery, we hopped on some bikes and headed toward a cute little village on the property to have some lunch.


The ride was looooonnnnng!   My daughter started yelling, “Just call an Uber!”.  Lol!   The road was very flat, so I just let her comments go and we kept biking.


We finally arrived, and we headed toward the restaurant.  It was such a charming place!


Another day, my mom and I went to the horse stable and did a trail ride with two gorgeous horses..


I don’t have much experience with horses, so I was a little nervous.  But it turned out to be fine.  At one point, a snake crossed our path and all the horses freaked out and jumped around.  That was a little unnerving, but otherwise it was a lovely calm ride.



In the middle of the resort, there’s a gorgeous hotel with lots of amenities…


Everyday in the hotel, they bring in friendly dogs called “Montage ambassadors”.  Guests are encouraged to pet and cuddle the dogs in the foyer.  How cool is that?!  This dog was so well trained and gentle.  We all really liked him.


My boys kept heading to the hot tub to warm up!


There’s a cute little village in the resort called Wilson village.  There are some shops and restaurants and a small chapel at the end.



They even have a smores cart.. In the evening they load the cart up with different flavoured marshmallows and park it near a big fire pit.  My kids loved the marshmallows and visited it almost every night.


One morning, we went to the breakfast buffet at Buffalo’s restaurant.  It was really good!


Here’s the May River Chapel.  It’s located right on the May river and is so small and cute.  The inside is equally nice with a ton of natural light.  It’s on my bucket list to photograph a wedding here…



The last day, we rented a boat and headed over to Hilton Head island.  There’s a lot of nature and pretty houses to see along the way.



Finally, the azalea bushes were in full bloom while we were there.  They were gorgeous!


I hope you liked taking a peek into my families March break trip to South Carolina. We’re hoping to go back again sometime soon!

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