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- nicole

On your wedding day, I'm always looking for the special moments of joy.  The raw, emotion-filled moments are what I'm after.  

hello + welcome!

Christmas is right around the corner and everyone at my house is very excited for this weekend’s festivities.   I thought I should share some Holiday themed photos, before it’s too late!

Last month I took photos of babies and children at three Olly Shoe stores around the GTA.    I went to the Yonge and Eglinton store, the Etobicoke store as well as the brand new Burlington store.  All of the stores have a great selection of merchandise for babies and children including tons of winter boots and mitts.    They also have nice wide aisles and lots of natural light; two things that made it a lot easier to take photos.

So many cute kids and babies came to get their photos taken.  I loved seeing them all dressed up in their Christmas outfits.  I’m sure Santa will be good to them this weekend!

These twin girls were  adorable and were at the perfect age for photos…

olly shoe store

This little boy got a kick out of our silly antics behind the camera: )


This mom and baby were picture perfect in their coordinating colours…



I had a great time photographing all the babies and kids that came to visit.   Have a happy holiday!




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