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- nicole

On your wedding day, I'm always looking for the special moments of joy.  The raw, emotion-filled moments are what I'm after.  

hello + welcome!

The other day, I went to the Baby Wisp boutique in Long Branch, Toronto to take Valentines themed photos of some adorable baby girls.   Baby Wisp is a Canadian company dedicated to the design of modern hair accessories for fashion conscious little ones.   They have many quality products, however the main product that they are known for is their innovative “latch clip” design.   These special clips are designed so that they will hold on tightly to the finest, wispiest baby hair.    Even beautiful baldies can get dolled up with Baby Wisp clips!

During the photo shoot, the babies got to try many of the Baby Wisp hair accessories and I was amazed at how the accessories really did hold onto the wispiest baby hair!   We had a lot of fun posing these little beauties and dressing them up with some of the fun props.   I will likely be returning to Baby Wisp in the future for more mini sessions, and I’ll be posting any dates to this blog.  Take a look at some of these little sweethearts!

This little girl was glammed up with her her feather boa and white baby wisp clip…



I adored the pink headband on this little one….


This little girl wasn’t happy until we placed her in a bucket, and then she was as happy as a clam!







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